From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
To: Gary Pettus <loudboy at>
Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 2:36 AM
Subject: A 3DD 45 Minute Set

“You look important”
My first words spoken to you behind the Tabernacle in Atlanta 2014.9.10
Thanks again for the ticket.

On 25 Sept 2015, I was leaving the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.
The week was incredible,
not a drop of rain on us in any of the parks all week.
Emily was actually wishing for clouds.
We had built in time to look around out of the Disney parks.
We found some great art.
Downtown Disney has a lot but Disney Boardwalk has a place with Wyland originals.
I missed out on the D-Street Star Wars Magic eye.
Update: I bought 3 of them.

The events of my grand kid’s week had been totally bazar,
and the week ended with a classic Disney flashbang that I hope to never forget.
As we exited the Magic Kingdom on our last day, a drizzle started to fall.
Emily was the smart one; she suggested we take the monorail and not the boat.
She felt lighting. As the clouds kept building,
we headed towards them as we made our way to the car.

Christian was getting on my case for saying the word “Bazar”.
As we got to the car, I unlocked the doors.
Looked around at the clouds, and they had become more of a fog.
As we heard the drops,
we got in the car and started to make our way out of the parking lot.

By the time we got half way across the Disney parking lot,
the rain had become pounding.
As I approached the exit, the rainfall was a total white out.
I had to do a wow stop at the exit to gauge my seeing distance.
We made our way to the Disney gas station located just inside the park

After a full week of the four parks, the E500 Benz needed gas.
Parking the car under the shelter watching the rain,
taking a moment to reflect on the Tensors built in my memory.
We are leaving a full week of rain free Disney in a whiteout rain storm.  “Bazar”

As I got out of the car, the rain was rushing down.
I walked around to the back of the car to check on the contents of the trunk.
The moment of the instant that my fingers touched the trunk open lever,
my vision was taken from me; my hearing had been reduced to a ring.
The charge that passed through me was truly electric. “Bazar”

So my breadcrumb for 2015 Disney World will be ““Bazar”


“Le Reve”
The Dream

We have come a long way from our first meeting
at the Wynn Casino in front of the Parasol Up lounge.
I said that I saw you at Stoned Mountain Park
when you were just a pocket full of kryptonite.
The rain fell that night as well.
Las Vegas got their years’ worth in a day.
A pair of dimes coin incidence.

Jumping right into this, would you be interested in helping me with a project?
I reached out to Mark Tremonti by hand delivering a print
of the Alter Bridge band signature Montaj and the below linked letter.
Time will tell as to if I get a response. Till then, I keep writing.
The letter to Tremonti explains in detail the project.

Would you be interested in providing me a 45 minute set of your songs?
As with Alter Bridge, I would ask if you would include Pocket Full of Kryptonite.
I look forward to hearing from you. Hit me up the next time you are in Atlanta.