11 Sept 2015

Over the past decade, I have been caught up in an artistic expression.
During that time, I have created over four terabytes of abstract art.
After going to more galleries than I can remember,
and having more rejection that I care to remember,
I used a 3D modeling program to build a virtual Atlanta High museum.
On the walls of the High,
I placed some of my art.
I created a video of what my art would look like to me as I walk through the High Museum.
BTW: I listened to AB Iii over and over when I built the computer model of the Atlanta High Museum.


Recently, I have focused my energies towards writing a story that explains how my art emerged from my being.  
Currently, I am working on a chapter that may eventually end up being the length of a book.
In short, the story revolves around the equation that is hand drawn on the back of the Alter Bridge signature Montaj included in this envelope. 
The KnoWell equation can be found at the below link.


The format of the story integrates some of the people that inspired me in my creation.
The scene is set at the oldest church in Atlanta that actually rests on stones quarried and placed by my family.
On 6 Aug 1982, the church nearly was destroyed by an electrical fire. In the fire, a painting of the Immaculate Conception by Murillo was lost.
On 17 May 1984, the church reopened without replacing the Murillo.
The story is set in the future on 19 Jun 2020 at the Immaculate Conception Shrine where Christopher Titus warms up the audience with his incredible humor.
The stage is set with glassworks from Dale Chihuly and Hans Godo Frabel.

The band HURT performs a forty five minute set.
As hurt plays, I create abstract photographs of the glassworks, and the images on my camera are wirelessly pulled from my camera.
My granddaughter Emily Payne picks and chooses the abstracts that she feels are art.
Emily adds them to a directory from which a photo mosaic in built to recreate the lost Murillo via a photo mosaic on a 77 inch OLED screen.


After Hurt plays, I speak to the audience telling them of my family’s history building early Atlanta,
and how my family lived in the heart of Atlanta during the American Civil War.
The band Three Doors Down performs a forty five minute set. As Three Doors Down plays,
I continue to create abstracts from the glassworks, the band members, and the audience making everyone part of the photo mosaic of the Murillo.


After three Doors Down plays, I tell of my life.
How I was involved in a serious auto accident leaving me with a persistent memory of being dead. I recall my death for the audience.

This is where you come in. The band Alter Bridge performs a forty five minute set.
After Alter Bridge plays, I tell of my moment on 16 Sept 2003. That is the night that my abstract photography began.
I tell of how my abstract photography matured, and how my equation for a moment of time emerged from the abstract art.
I explain that the KnoWell equation can be used to show how I was in a spirit state observing the physical world.


The band Snow Patrol performs a forty five minute set.
After Snow Patrol plays and while the last abstract images are being pulled from my camera,
I use the logic of the KnoWell to answer some of the current questions raised by modern cosmology.

I teach the audience how to use the KnoWell to split a photon into a particle and a wave.
I leave the audience on the edge of oblivion with all of antiquity behind them and all of eternity in front of them.
I reach out to you asking if you would please work with the guys in Alter Bridge to provide
a forty five minute set that you would like to perform in the oldest church in Atlanta at the Murillo artistic expression.
The only song that I would like included in the set is “Ghosts of Days Gone By”

On a side note, when I first started thinking of this Murillo project,
it was like an atomic bomb had been dropped in my mind leveling Atlanta.
If the Murillo show physically takes place, the world will never be the same.
When you get a chance, I created a video named “Atomic Bomb” that is on Youtube.
The video uses an astronomy program to track the path of the comet Elenin around our Sun.
My time stamp of when I created the High Museum computer model.
I hope that it is ok that I used the Alter Bridge song, “Show Me a Sign” as the sound track.
For to me, the path of the comet was a sign.


At the beginning of my High Museum video,
I show comet Elenin passing around the Sun as if you were riding beside the comet in a spaceship.
I have reached out to Christopher Titus,
and he is excited that I would like to include him in the Murillo story.
I am crafting a letter to Bard Arnold’s tour manger,
and I am searching for a contact person to reach out to Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.
Gary and I had a couple of great talks behind the Tabernacle in Atlanta.


David Noel Lynch