19 June 2017

I appreciate you taking the time to study my death experience that occurred forty years ago today.
Over the past four decades the memory of my death has changed very little.
However; my interpretation of the memory of my death has changed radically.
Below is a link to an archive of the questions and answers that I submitted to be studied.

“The emergence of the Universe: is the precipitation of Chaos through the evaporation of Control.” 3K

For twenty six years, I was at peace with the memory of that night.
During those years, I was more than willing to convey the story of my death to whoever wished to listen.
In response to my recollection, I received a wide gambit of profound responses.

For those twenty six years,
I was thoroughly convinced that I was allowed a second chance at life to be a witness.
I did not have a sense that I was to witness a great event.
I just knew that when I returned to the darkness, that my life would be viewed again.

On 1 April 2003, my fifteen year relationship failed, and my life began a strange new chapter.
For years, I had been focused on helping others, and suddenly I found myself alone.
In an attempt to get myself in shape, I began using six pound dumbbells to swing myself around the den floor. 
Day after day, my regiment increased progressing up to working with 12 pound dumbbells.

Angry with myself, I used exercise to deal with my emotional distress.
As thoughts of my past crept into my mind, I would throw punches with the dumbbells.
In my mind’s eye, I was shattering the memories of the past into pieces.
As my strength built, each punch would shatter my memories into red and blue shimmers of light.
I associated the red with the negative, and I attached positive to the blue.

When I was not spinning myself around the den using the dumbbells as counter weights,
I would stand sideways on an imaginary tight rope running parallel with my arms.
Behind me was solid ground,
and in front of me was the pitch black of my death experience that I had come to call oblivion.
I would shift the weights placing my left hand in front
as my right hand shifted to the back holding the weights as far away from my body
as I could as if my arms were a single lever.

At times, the tightrope would suddenly descend to the ground.
Oblivion was now inches from my feet.
My mind’s eye was filled with the impression that I was standing on the edge of a sand dune.
In front of me the sand sloped down into a chasm filled with oblivion.
Behind me the sands of time were shifting down the dune disappearing into oblivion.
I had to keep climbing up the dune as the sands shifted down into oblivion.

I began Imagineering the tightrope stretched from North Pole to South Pole.
I would battle with the Earth’s rotation that was trying to push me off the polar tightrope.
As the Earth rotated at 660 mph, my motion was leaving a red and blue vapor trail of my actions behind me.
Soon I applied the speed of the orbit of Earth around the Sun, the speed of the Sun orbiting in the Milky Way,
and the speed of the Milky Way moving through the Universe.

I was evaporating on a tightrope moving at over 400 miles per second leaving vapor trails of my actions.
Trying to get a grip on the enormity of each moment, I would imagine a gigantic shutter clicking billions of times per second.
With each opening and closing of the shutter, an atomic sized slice of solid reality was
carved off into a vapor that was swept by the shifting sands of time into oblivion.
At 400 miles per second, the turmaculus blue and read vapor was wicking away from the molten reality of the world before me.

As I focused on my vapor trail,
I began to struggle with a long strange series of coin incidences.
Beginning on my birthday 16 May 2003,
there was an eclipse of the moon that was the start of a Tetrad.
My life changed radically that night.
When I was looking in the refrigerator, my step daughter Star leaned against my shoulder.
I could feel a change had occurred in her.
I said, “What?”, and she said, “You have always been that way grandpa.” 

Father’s day 2003, I showed up at my father’s home.
We were never close. He decided to drive me to the oldest cemetery in Atlanta, Oakland.
We got out of the car, and there were a collection of Lynch monuments.
My father pointed to a large monument and said, “That is your great great great grandfather.”
I stopped in my tracks, when I noticed that he died on my birthday in 1899.


A few days later, I walked into the sextants office and said,
“I am David Lynch, and I noticed that the wall is falling behind the Lynch plot.
Sam Reed stood up and walked to me as he responded,
“You are a Lynch? Did you know that you are as close as this town gets to Irish royalty?”
Sam proceeded to tell me how Patrick Lynch and Father O’Reilly
negotiated the salvation of several churches during the siege of Atlanta.

On my way home,
I stopped by my father’s home to ask him about the role our family played during the American civil war.
My father told me that he never said anything because he did not want it to go to my head.
My father’s wife said,“Oh by the way, your cousin is Che Guevara.”

After leaving my father’s house,
I stopped by a book store to see what documentation I could find to support her claim.
In Che’s Bolivian diary, I was reading what Che wrote on my birthday;
on the opposite page there was a photograph that caught my eye.
Thinking to myself, he looks familiar, oh my god Che Guevara looks like me.


About a month later, a local radio station promoted a free concert at Stone Mountain Park.
The band Shinedown had a popular song on the radio, “Fly from the Inside”
I had been working out swinging dumbbells in sync with their song for weeks.
The other bands included Our Lady Peace, Seether, and Three Doors Down.

While Shinedown was playing,
I for some reason looked at the ground just to the right of my foot. Thinking to myself, what on Earth was I doing.
As I lifted my head, a coke can was flying through the air towards me.
The can hit the person in front of me,
and the can came to rest in the exact spot where I had just looked. Feeling that I just had a premonition,
I looked to the sky while asking father to tell me what I am to do with all the recently discovered information.
I got the distinct feel that I was to write a story about my life.

Leaving the concert, I kept saying,
“I think I see. I think I see. I am over the edge.” My friend Deron Fish said,
“Ok. I am putting you on a bungee.”  That night I wrote a letter that I called,
“I think I see.” In the letter I expressed how if a person can clear their mind of all preconceived ideas,
then they are able to more clearly see what events are about to transpire.

The day after the concert, I began to document the events of my day to day life in a journal.
On that same day, I weighed myself. I had reached my target weight of 180 pounds.
Oddly my weight was exactly 180.0 pounds.
Each day prior to this day, my weight was something different day to day.
However; for the next three days, I weighed exactly 180.0 pounds.

On 16 Sept 2003, I looked at the memory of my death experience in the reverse.
Specifically, I reflected upon the memory of me asking the voice in the darkness,
“Who are you?” The memory of the answer “Just call me Father”,
and how I heard “Christ” echo in the essence of my being took on a new meaning.
My rational mind began to grapple with the concept that the voice answered that he was father,
and my emotional being began to wrestle with the interpretation that I was “Christ”.

At that moment, I was laying on the floor.
A rush of adrenalin began to grip my being.
Feeling like I was about to pass out, the room seemed to enlarge.
The ceiling began to rise up, and I had a familiar feeling.
For the first time since my car wreck, I felt the presence of father,
and also felt the presence of those that were talking behind me in the memory of my car wreck.

I began to say, “No. No. No.
I do not want that job.” Just like in my death experience,
my mind was filled with answers as soon as I thought questions.
Three distinct impressions of “Christ” were imposed upon my soul.
At the moment that I clearly projected my thought, “you cannot make me.’
The rush of adrenalin subsided, and the sensation of a presence faded away.
I got the feeling that this mandate was not a negotiation.


Immediately, I rolled over to grab my camera,
and I told my son in law to take my picture that I am having a moment.
When I lifted the camera, the shutter was triggered, and a blur of color was captured.
That is the instant that my obsession began with the creation of abstract photographs.


Over the next few months, I created over 9000 abstract photographs.
As my technique improved, I began swinging the camera faster. 
Finally, the mirror lift lever in my D100 camera broke.
When I called Nikon to report my camera’s failure,
the support representative laughed saying there was no way I broke the lever.
When Nikon returned my repaired camera, the trouble that was found was a broken mirror lift lever.

In my mind’s eye, I was painting music with my camera.
The abstracts that were the most impressive,
were the images created when I relaxed just letting the images happen.
The most difficult part of capturing the abstract was the actuation of the camera’s shutter.
Any motion commanded by me such as the action of pressing the shutter would alter the abstract created.

Several times I physically felt myself moved during the creation of the abstracts. During the creation of the abstracts,
I was mentally arguing with father that he cannot make me embrace my role as Christ.
I felt that I was documenting an awakening.

Battling with the revelation that the spirit of Christ may be within me,
an emotional turmoil rocked my mind.
With dumbbells in hands, I verbally asked for a sign, and request after request went unanswered.

My passion to create abstracts consumed my being,
and my skills developed to the point that I could create an abstract photograph from just about any target.
My collection of abstracts was receiving many compliments from family and friends,
so I decided to use some of my frequent traveler miles to fly to Maui Hawaii.
My quest was to find an art gallery in Lahaina Hawaii that would be willing to sell my artwork.
On that trip, the sunrise from atop Haleakala was beautiful.


Gallery after gallery said, “That is beautiful. What is it?”
When I said, “A Photograph.”, they would say, “We do not do photography.”
The homeward bound leg of my trip included a stop in Las Vegas.
Again the galleries would say, “We do not do photography.” I decided to create abstract photographs from the Las Vegas strip.
One abstract that I created from the Paris Neon balloon, captured my attention.


A few weeks later,
I woke from a dream where I saw the Paris Neon balloon abstract reflected like a Rorschach.
I rushed to my computer to create my first reflection.


As if a spark had been ignited,
I began creating reflections out of my abstract photographs,
and I began layering my thoughts on the images using Photoshop.
My method of documenting my awakening had moved from hand written journals
into the Photoshop artwork that I call Montaj.


The summer of 2004 was filled with daily trips to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
where glass sculptor Dale Chihuly had his “New Species of Art” exhibit.
I created thousands of abstract from his glass.


The fall of 2004 was filled with the creation of a Montaj filled with my thoughts dealing with the question raised by my death experience.
“How was I in a spirit state observing the physical world?”


In November of 2004,
I expounded on my thoughts continuing to derive an answer to my spirit state physical world question.


With my vision clouded by wave upon wave of potential solutions,
I took my artwork to the oldest church in Atlanta that just happens to rest of stones quarried and placed by my blood relatives.
I met with the Monsignor Henry Gracz, I gave Henry a copy of the Elohim artwork,
and I told Henry about my death experience.

I asked Henry, “If a Christ knocked on your door today,
how long would they have before the world took them out?” Henry rubbed his chin and I said,
“Fifteen minutes?” a pause and I said, “Five minutes?” Henry responded, “If that.” I told Henry,
“I think that I know what Christ would do in the five minute.” Henry smiled and said, “What would that be?”
I said, “Christ would elevate everyone to his level,
so that no one would want to kill a Christ.”

As Henry and I were parting ways, I told him,
“If my writings are correct, something great is to happen in December.”
Henry said, “Let’s hope that it is something positive.
On December 26th 2004 at 6:59 am, a great quake struck Andaman Island.
Since the quake occurred across the international dateline,
the quake struck in Atlanta time at 19:59, which just happens to be the year of my conception.
So I created the following Montaj to memorialize the events.


In the spring of 2005, Pope John Paul Ii crossed over,
and I went to the Cathedral of Saint Phillips on the day the world laid Pope John Paul Ii to rest.
I held my camera up to the sunlight beaming through the stained glasses and asked,
“Father. Give me a sign that the world can see.” I clicked off a couple abstracts, and then I felt myself physically moved.
When I looked at the abstract image, I nearly dropped my camera; I had tied sunlight into a knot.


Within moments, I noticed the Vesica pieces; a Christian symbol.
The biblical story of doubting Thomas jumped into my mind.


I made a Quad Train to mark the passage of the event.


My confidence built with each new abstract.
With an inner peace and dumbbells in hands,
I spoke to father, asking him to show his self.
Prove to me that you are there. Let me see you.

A shock wave moved through my soul,
in an instant the room expanded spherically away from me like blowing a bubble.
The room was a mere reflection on the inner surface of the huge bubble.
In that same instant, a shaft of pure white flame had appeared.
The column of flame extended from as far as I could see above and below me.
Time seemed to stand still. The flame made no sound, and had a bottom to top flow.
I wish I could draw what I saw that night.


Armed with this new impression, I began to ask my friends,
"If Epiphany was a ride at Six Flags, would you get on."
Some would quickly respond yes, so I would continue to ask,
“Even if the sign showing the height you need to be showed exactly your height?”
and if they said yes again I would ask,
“Even if you get to the que and see that there is not one standing there,
and all the see if a collection of half eaten apples laying on the floor?”
I would then tell them, “Once you get on Epiphany, you can never get off.”
At that point some of them say, “No”


In the fall of 2006 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, I met Dale Chihuly,
and I showed him some of the artwork that I created from his glass works.
Dale asked about how my artistic expression began.
In the below linked letter, I tried to summarize the events.

I also wrote a letter explaining my artwork and applications of the KnoWell to Dr. Bob Harbort.
Bob was the department head during my Artificial Intelligence studies at college.

In an attempt to bring forth a better understanding of how to apply the KnoWell equation,
I am writing a story outlined in the below linked letter to Mark Tremonti of the band Alter Bridge.
At the Immaculate Conception Shrine,
the Murrillo story brings forth the birth of a concept named after Saint Malachy’s Peter Roman.

I have reached out to many scientific minds trying to get relative feedback regarding the validity of my equation.
In my letter, I introduce a new axiom to mathematics that reduces the number of infinities down to a singular infinite expression.
The KnoWell strongly suggests that we live in a steady state universe.

For just over a decade, I conducted an experiment based on the theory that my KnoWell equation is a true test of time.
I would give abstract prints out to various musicians that inspired me in my creation. I would create a Montaj using the ticket stub for the show,
and I would wait for the artist to leave the venue securing their signatures on a separate abstract upon their departure.
I created a Montaj record of the signatures of some of those that have a personalized hand drawn KnoWell.


Like all scientific endeavors, the results of my experiment, are subject to interpretation.
However; the data does suggest that that maybe some connection between the KnoWell and the musician’s creations.
After giving a KnoWell to the members of Shinedown, their next album was titled, “The Sound of Madness”
Sick Puppies released, “Tri-Polar”, H.I.M. released, “The Dark Light”,
and most recently Alter Bridge released, “The Last Hero”.



The advent of the KnoWell equation has had an interesting side effect.
As with any mathematical equation, the desired result can be achieved by following a defined set of rules.
Using the axioms of mathematics, Science can derive wonderful equations leading to magnificent conclusions.
However; using the exact same equations and data, the exact opposite conclusion can be reached.

"Mathematics, -∞<0.0<∞+, has lead theorists to a BLeaf in a Big Bang.....
Using the mathematical axiom, -c>∞<c+, the Universe becomes a steady state system." ~ 3K
For example the Big Bang - Big Crunch: Equations using the same data can be executed in two directions providing two separate results.
Thus a set of Mathematic equations using the same data will always yield polar opposite results.

The axioms of Mathematics can open imaginary doors.
The current number line can provide some extremely erroneous results. One such situation deals with the multiverse theory.
By fractionally increasing the number one, the number one never reaches the number two,
and fractionally decreasing the number two, the number two never reaches the number one.
The infinite space between number one and number two opens the theoretical door for multiple universes to exist.


By applying the logic of the KnoWell, I have found alternatives to several modern scientific conundrums.
String theory requires a large number of dimensions for the equations to seemingly make sense.
To reach the 11 dimensions of M theory, infinity must be folded. Good luck with that in the real world.
The KnoWell has helped me to conclude that there is another path to the 11 dimensions.
The KnoWell has provided me a path to 11 dimensions using quantum theory that says
there is triplet of spin states for an electron at any given moment in time,
an up spin, a down spin, and spin of both up and down at the same time.


Since any given moment of time demands a past component,
a present component, and future component, a moment for an electron would have nine states consisting of
an Up-Down-Both Past state, Up-Down-Both Present state, and Up-Down-Both Future state.
Add an observer such as you, and add a confirmer such as me to the nine spin states,
you have the 11 dimensions of string’s M theory.

Applying the logic of the KnoWell to Schrödinger's thought experiment; I concluded that
“Ein Sof the cat has escaped from Schrödinger's box”.

The KnoWell by chance emerged out of two terabytes of abstract art explaining to me
how I was in a physical state observing the physical world confirming to me
that there is something far greater than me at world in this world.


Over the years of trying to interpret the meaning of the KnoWell,
I have come to the conclusion that just as much as the KnoWell proves to me that there is a state of being after death,
the KnoWell demands that there is just as much chance that there is not a state of being after death.

On June 6th 2006, 6.6.6, I flew out to Meza Arizona to see the band H.I.M. perform.
I created a collection of reflections for the band.
In the below linked Montaj, the reflections are the spheres.
Click on the sphere to see the reflection.


On the thirtieth anniversary of my death experience, I met Dave Chappelle.


On July 7th 2007, I ventured out to Las Vegas to make some wishes.
I had given two nickels and two dimes to several family members.
Just before 7:00 am I walked into the Bellagio.
I laid down two nickels and an abstract photograph that I created from the Bellagio fountain.


I pointed to the two nickels and asked the concierge, “Do you know that that is?” and she said, “Yes. That is ten cents.”
I smiled and said, “Yes, but it is also a pair a dime, a paradigm.
Today is a day that you will never forget.” I pointed to the abstract photograph and said,
“That is a photograph of the fountain out front.”

I flipped the photograph over and said, “That is a KnoWell.
It uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton, and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time as infinite.”
I flipped the photograph back over and said, “If the photography takes off in my lifetime, I am set.”
I flipped the photograph back over to the KnoWell and said,
“If the KnoWell takes off in my life time, I am going to own this place.”

She said, “I bet you are right.” I left the nickels and the photograph with the concierge,
and I walked out to the front of the Bellagio fountain.
At 7:07, I cast the collection of nickels with my family member’s wishes into the fountain.


Later that evening just before 7:00 pm, I walked into the Wynn casino,
and I made the same presentation with two dimes. I gave the concierge a pair of dimes, and said a paradigm.
The abstract that I left at the Wynn was a Montaj marking my visit to see the Cirque du Soleil presentation of LeReve.


The Wynn Casino sent back my artwork. I still have the dimes.


My plans were to meet with James Randi at the Wynn Casino in the Parasol Down lounge.
I had bet him that I could disprove Newton’s third law of motion. At first James Randi agreed that my challenge was acceptable.
The Randi foundation was offering a million dollars to anyone that could prove the paranormal.
Disproving a physical law is a valid submission.

If James Randi would have met with me at the Wynn, I had a simple presentation to earn the one million dollars.
Since science has many fancy equation to express how an object resting on a surface can be evaluated to be several states of zero.
Like the object is performing sum total zero amount of work, I was going to sit a can of coke zero on the table in front of us,
and I was going to ask James Randi to zero the can of coke zero.

After James Randi reeled off all the equations that he could muster to zero the can of coke zero, gravity pushing down,
rotation of earth pushing angularly to the side, orbit of sun pushing angularly to the side,
I would ask him if her was confident that the can of coke zero was in a zero state.

If James Randi said yes, I would pick the can of coke zero up, I would vigorously shake the can of coke zero,
I would sit the can of coke zero in front of him, and I would say,
“If you Bleave the can of coke zero to be in a zero state then open it now.”

I created a collection of abstracts on my 7.7.7 Las Vegas trip.


My Montaj documenting my July 7th 2007 Las Vegas trip.


In the fall of 2007, I had an art show at the Hans Godo Frabel studio and gallery.



To document the evolution of my artwork from which I derived the KnoWell,
I decided to build a 3D computer model of the Atlanta High Museum.
I placed my artwork on their walls, and made a virtual walk through video of how my artwork would look to me.


Included in this envelope is a M-Disk rated to last 1000 years that contains
an archive of the Photoshop files required to produce the LENS:2012.12.12 High Museum Show.
LENS: translates into Lynch, Einstein, Newton, and Socrates. Also on the M-Disk is a copy of the lynchphoto.com website
containing thousands of web pages that document my artistic expression.


On a side note, Sam Reed the sextant at Oakland cemetery was actually correct.
I carry a Null marker at my DYS-425 location. This marker has been associated with the three colla brothers.
They are famous for killing their uncle the King in battle.
The druids had warned them not to take his life in battle, and if they did, their blood would never rule again.


Nostradamus mentioned Nolle in quatrain 38 in century 8.
Nolle, is KnoWell minus the K and W that I use for my 3K signature. My equation stands to test time.


As I type these words,
my mother lay in her bed dealing with the final stages of
a rare form of Parkinson’s called Corticobasal Degeneration.
She is currently facing the pure black chasm of oblivion.
In her whisper soft voice, she whispered to me,
"I just realized. We are finished."
I looked into her eyes and said,
"You are part of me. You will touch this world through me."

With a heavy heart I said to her,
“I know that everything that there ever was in all of antiquity,
is relentlessly pushing you into everything that will ever be of eternity.”
“The miracle of this world is that you have modified the totality of the Universe.”
“I cannot say where your adventure is about to take you,
but I BLeave that this life is that of a chrysalis.”
“You are about to become a spirit being.”

“Nsanity is a funny state: One never quite knows when they have arrived.” 3K

As foretold to Monsignor Henry Gracz:
In five minutes,
I can draw a personalized KnoWell equation,
placing any individual as one with the infinite one,
Ein Sof, the creator.


David Noel Lynch